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Looking for a commercial space in Bacau? You’ve come to the right place! We are one of the owners of commercial premises in Bacau, Moinesti, Comanesti and Onesti. We have a wide range of properties available for rent in flexible and affordable conditions.

Commercial space rentals

Why ES Consulting?

With an experience of over 12 years in renting commercial spaces, we provide high quality services and actively support our business partners in meeting their objectives.

Retail. Logistics. Offices.

We have a diverse portfolio of commercial spaces located in the largest cities in the county, spaces with different sizes and price ranges to fit as many types of businesses.


If you are looking for a commercial space for your business, take a look at our offers and contact us now! We are here to support your business!

Not just a space - a place of your own!

There are many things to be considered when looking for a commercial space for your business: the right location, size, layout, utilities, facilities in the area, pedestrian traffic, and of course… a fair price. Every business is different, and the retail space that takes place in should reflect this. Consult our offers now and contact us today!

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